Frequently Asked Questions

By designers

What happens after I submit my application to Pixelfold?

After you submit your application the community will vote on whether you should get in or not. If you get in you will be notified via email.

What type of feedback am I expected to give when I get a paid feedback request?

That depends on what you are being asked to give feedback on and also on how specific the person that asked for the feedback was. You should do your best to give constructive, honest and precise feedback. So instead of saying "Your logo sucks", point out exactly how you think they could improve it.

What do I have to do to start accepting feedback?

It's really easy, you just need to go to your Pixeldold dashboard and do the following:
1. Update your tags. These indicate your areas of focus (e.g. logo, mobile, print etc).
2. Edit the description of your rates for feedback (e.g. 70$ for feedback on a logo). You can change this description on the account tab on your dashboard.
3. Set up your Paypal/Bank Account credentials for payouts.

How are the payouts handled?

The payouts are handled via Paypal or Bank transfer.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid once the feedback request is fullfiled. The money will be sent to your Paypal or Bank account.

What is the "New Applications" page?

Once you are a member, you will help curate top talent by approving other applications yourself. It's also a way to give back to the community and an opportunity to be inspired by the work of our talented applicants.

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By people hiring designers

What is the paid feedback feature?

Every time you want feedback on a new logo or a website redesign, you have the opportunity to get insightful comments from some of the best people in the industry, including lead designers at Twitter, Medium, Vine or Foursquare. Learn more here

What do I have to do to get feedback?

1. Go to the designers directory and find a designer that fits your needs and area of focus (web, mobile, print, illustration etc)
2. Go to the designer's profile and click "Ask for Feedback"
3. Submit a detailed feedback request with an offer ($) based on the designer's rates
4. If the designer accepts your offer, you will get some awesome feedback on your designs

What kind of feedback should I expect from designers?

It really depends on the designer that gives feedback. Some people write notes about your design, others send hand drawn mockups, and some edit designs on Photoshop. We recommend that if you have a specific need write it on the feedback request. Let's say that you are stuck redesigning a specific part of a webpage and you would like the designer to draw you some quick mockup to help you out. Just mention that in the request, our designers will understand!

How does it work? Do I specify a price for feedback?

Most of our designers have their feedback rates on their profile page. You should read those and make an offer based on the rates and the number of designs you are going to submit for feedback. When you make an offer the designer is notified and he can accept, decline or negotiate your offer. Once he accepts your offer you just have to sit and wait for some awesome feedback.

What's the typical price range?

It really depends on the type of work. For instance, if you are looking to get feedback on a logo, Justin can do it for $50, if it's an illustration Andrea will do it for $70, and if you are looking to get feedback on an entire app Ozzy's rates start at $200.

How are payments handled?

We support Credit Card payments (processed by Stripe).

What's the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is something that you should negotiate with the designer when your are submitting the request. Some people do it in 24h if it's just a logo, others might take more time depending on the number of designs.

When do I get charged for the feedback?

You will get charged once the designer accepts the feedback request.

What if a problem happens with the feedback?

We will contact the designer and issue a refund if necessary.

How do I post a job offer?

To post a job offer you just need to click "Post new Job", fill the details and wait for the approval. Once the job is approved it will be visible to all the designers in the community.

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